This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing!

This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Ka-Blam is a trademark of 01Comics, Inc. The Ka-Blam Girl is by Steven Butler. (I do not own the rights to either.)

About my "canon notes:"

Posts labeled "canon notes" are not meant to accurately portray any religious, scientific, or social canon. They are notes concerning the fictional universe I've invented for the setting of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable.

Progress report for late October

Using the same basic imagery from two progress reports ago, here's what I've got for this month...
Green = 100% finished
Yellow=75% finished
Red = 0% finished

Let's use a points system: 4 points, 3 points, 0 points.

4 points     x    16 pages    =    64 points
3 points     x      4 pages    =    12 points
0 points     x      7 pages    =      0 points

(Two of the red pages above are blank copies of the previous spread mistakenly included in the infographic, so please disregard them.)

There are 27 pages in all (including three cover pages, excluding the back cover page).

27 pages x 4 points each = 108 points possible.

Points earned = 76

76 ÷ 108 = ~70.37% complete

In the words of Glados from the Portal games: 
"This was a triumph; I'm making a note here: Huge Decent success!..."

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