This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing!

This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Ka-Blam is a trademark of 01Comics, Inc. The Ka-Blam Girl is by Steven Butler. (I do not own the rights to either.)

About my "canon notes:"

Posts labeled "canon notes" are not meant to accurately portray any religious, scientific, or social canon. They are notes concerning the fictional universe I've invented for the setting of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable.


Click any of these thumbnails to enlarge them, and feel free to download and share them, if you wish.

They are made for 1920 x 1080 displays, but can also be displayed comfortably on several other computer monitors by selecting the option to "Fill Screen," since the most pertinent material and details are within the bounds of some horizontally narrower screen aspect ratios.
"Cloud games"
Life's too short not to look up to the sky once in a while and make up stories about the clouds.  Just remember that the spaces in between—between the clouds and between cloud-gazing sessions—are equally important to observe.

"Home from a successful hunt"
The Wolfrim are a chimeric duplicity of a human and a wolf, but they're mostly either vegetarian or vegan on principle.  Isolda's "chibi" trots home after digging up her favorite prey—savory veggies—from their hiding spot deep in the earth.  Now, isn't that just adorable?

"Morning coffee"
Good morning?  Says who?  When your morning seems to drag on, just observe Karsten and Isolda waiting for their morning coffee to brew, and perhaps you'll feel a little better.  It's not very likely, but it feels like a nicer sentiment than saying "Get over it, you lump!"

"A casual game of chess"
A scene from Chapter two.  Karsten is all tied up at the moment, literally—can't have a potential werewolf wandering free when the full moon strikes again—but comfort, complete with some healthy mental exercise, is not a thing to be neglected in such a circumstance.  Sure, he's dangerous, but hey—that vicious Fenrin lycanthrope came out of nowhere, so whose fault is it, really?

"Isolda's perch"
Those desktop icons never seem to behave themselves.  What if you had a helper to keep them in line?  Isolda will sit upon this rock, stare down those unruly thumbnail graphics, and cow them into submission.  You'll never have to worry about those pesky desktop icon uprisings ever again!  Those icons, eh?  What a bunch of upstarts.

"Pay attention, students"

 Karsten's close-combat trainer (indeed the close-combat trainer for the entirety of the Diener to the Ordnung von Wolfram) bids all her students carefully attend the lesson being taught.  After all, the Ordnung did not vainly award her the personal designation of "Experience."



"Official" Ordnung von Wolfram desktop background
The same desktop design tweaked for the 15-inch Macbook format: 1440 x 900 resolution.

It's not that the Wolfrim actually use computers (at least not as a general rule); it's just that if the Ordnung had its own network, this would probably be their default desktop wallpaper.

One question, though: if it's on your desktop, why do we still call it a wallpaper?

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