This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing!

This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Ka-Blam is a trademark of 01Comics, Inc. The Ka-Blam Girl is by Steven Butler. (I do not own the rights to either.)

About my "canon notes:"

Posts labeled "canon notes" are not meant to accurately portray any religious, scientific, or social canon. They are notes concerning the fictional universe I've invented for the setting of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable.

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In about a month and a half, I will be switching my URL to

The link is already visitable, but currently contains only a front page saying, "Coming Soon."

The front page to which the link leads is a front page provided by for pages by their customers pending publication.  This blog is not a page, but I'm waiting for my subscription to the 2-year premium services for it to expire.

I currently do have a portfolio page hosted by and registered to for which I am content to pay the monthly premium.  Its address is


July 18, 2016
The switch-over is complete.  I have deactivated the Wolfram: A Gothic Parable website I generated with webs, though I am keeping my portfolio and resume site with them and active.

This blog is now also listed with blogger and discoverable on search engines, and visitors to will be redirected to this domain.