This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing!

This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Ka-Blam is a trademark of 01Comics, Inc. The Ka-Blam Girl is by Steven Butler. (I do not own the rights to either.)

About my "canon notes:"

Posts labeled "canon notes" are not meant to accurately portray any religious, scientific, or social canon. They are notes concerning the fictional universe I've invented for the setting of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable.

Progress report for issue #4 - 56%

I've prepared an infographic (of sorts) to show my progress on #4 of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable:

green - complete
blue - almost complete
yellow - started/in need of reworking
red - laid out and scripted only

Counting green pages as 100% complete, blue as 75% complete, yellow as 30% complete, and red as 10% complete, the calculations follow:

green - 12 x 100% --> 1200%
blue -  2 x   75% -->   150%
yellow -   4 x   30% -->   120%
red - 10 x   10% -->   100%

1570% ÷ 28 = ~56% complete

Having felt fairly confident going into those calculations, I disappoint myself somewhat.  So I put it into a Windows style defrag-inspired format to visualize what that actually looks like:


It didn't help me feel any better, but at least I know how far I still have to go. :-(

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