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This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

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About my "canon notes:"

Posts labeled "canon notes" are not meant to accurately portray any religious, scientific, or social canon. They are notes concerning the fictional universe I've invented for the setting of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable.

First official publiation of canon notes: the Wolfrim

The etymology of "Wolfram" probably indicates the meaning of "wolf soot."  Of the Wolfrim, it was used originally as a pejorative, as it may have been of Tungsten ore (according to the New Oxford American Dictionary that came with my MacBook Pro, and according to

The Wolfrim are sterile.  Their pheromones turn to a very fine, light-colored dust upon leaving their bodies and can sometimes be seen in the air when they shake out their fur.  This is probably why the term "Wolfram" stuck with them.

Wolfram pheromone dust often smells mildly pleasant, having an olfactory semblance of naturally occurring scents, e.g.: petrichor, pine cinders, limestone, or an unplaceable floral scent.

The creation of a Wolfram completes the original Fenrin chimerism into a fused state.

(Fenrin lycanthropes are formed by a chimeric grafting of a wolf (often referred to as a/the "graft") into a human (a/the "sire" or "dame") through dark magic. The human and wolf forms phase in and out of one another, both at will and at the full and new moons, creating the illusion of transformation.)

At the formation of a Wolfram, the bodies and organs of the human and wolf fuse and compress into a single wolflike form.  The stomachs and brains only fuse partway.

The human consciousness, the Werteil ["wehr tayel"] or Wifteil ["wiff tayel"] (wer: "man"; wif: "woman"; teil: "part") remains dominant, almost constantly in command.

The Wolfteil ["vohlf tayel"], is comprised of the subconscious entity that possesses the muscle memory and instinctual tactics that the Wolfram needs in order to survive and perform the duties assigned to him/her.

The Wolfteil must be taught, through “Wolfremic reconciliation,” to trust and submit willingly to the Wer/Wifteil through the sort of attention and love that one should give to any needy and deserving feral consciousness occupying the same body.

Wolfremic reconciliation consists mostly of introspective affection, frequent social interaction with other creatures, and ethically-enacted behavioral conditioning.  This is a crucial series of lifelong habits, and to begin the process is very difficult, since a Fenrin sire’s/dame’s career is spent intimidating and coercing the graft into complicity.

The earlier sessions of Wolfremic reconciliation often resemble paranoia in that the Wolfram appears to be talking to either him/herself or to no one at all, and either staring into space or seeming to attempt eye contact with an invisible entity.  As time passes, introspection and conditioning can be internalized through the neurological conveyance (between the Werteil's and Wolfteil's brain-centers) of impressions, visualization and emotional stimuli.

Most Wolfrim will have nothing to do with the consumption of meat, and those who have survived incarceration at a Fen’r-heim ["house of Fenrîr"] (a "prison farm" where Wolfrim are detained, exploited, and consumed or sold as draft animals or pets) shy away from many other animal-based products.  The fact that their stomach remains partly divided allows them to learn how to ruminate and digest foliage and grass, although they much prefer to eat the varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices traditionally consumed by human beings.

Proposition: canon notes.

Production has been much slower than usual for the past three years.  I'm running the risk of losing plot and character plans before I ever get around to putting the story into a tangible form.  I think I have a solution for that: periodic posting of canon notes.

The proposed canon notes will be notes about the physiologies of invented species, the likes, tastes, motivations, and beliefs of individual characters, and the structure and inner workings of the major organizations in Wolfram: A Gothic Parable as I plan to create them, as well as any other details I wish to remember.