This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing!

This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Ka-Blam is a trademark of 01Comics, Inc. The Ka-Blam Girl is by Steven Butler. (I do not own the rights to either.)

About my "canon notes:"

Posts labeled "canon notes" are not meant to accurately portray any religious, scientific, or social canon. They are notes concerning the fictional universe I've invented for the setting of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable.

Good News! I just fixed the Reader Module!


Boy, I didn't realize just how messed up the reader module was, and I hadn't been hearing any feedback on it, so I assumed it was still usable.

Man, was I wrong!

Every single link in every post pointed to the now nonexistent "" domain. Fortunately, I had the oomph to edit every link in every post. So an average of three or four links each post (let's assume 4), 5 issues, and about 25 posts per issue comes out to about...

(Dang!) ...about 500 hopelessly broken links! Glad that's fixed.

Next on the agenda, stop using the navigation images. That took a lot longer than it had to due to lines upon lines of functionless html coding.